The H&FJ Quick Look: Font Essentials

Gotham Narrow Book with Knockout No. 47

Is your font library missing some of the basics? Whether it's a sans serif that works for text, a hard-working and original slab, a well-appointed text face, or a stylish and practical condensed, H&FJ has a font family to fit everyone's budget. Below, twelve ways to round out any typographic palette, starting at just $99.

Sans Serifs
From $199

10 styles

  From $299

Gotham Narrow
16 styles Save $69!

  From $499

Whitney Pro
52 styles

Verlag   Gotham Narrow   Whitney Pro
arrow Verlag   arrow Gotham Narrow   arrow Whitney Pro
Slab Serifs
From $99

2 styles

  From $199

12 styles

  From $399

Archer Complete
40 styles Save $109!

Ziggurat   Sentinel   Archer Complete
arrow Ziggurat   arrow Sentinel   arrow Archer Complete
Text Faces
From $199

Chronicle Text Basic
9 styles

  From $299

Hoefler Text
27 styles

  From $499

Mercury Complete
60 styles Save $617!

Chronicle Text Basic   Hoefler Text   Mercury Complete
arrow Chronicle Text   arrow Hoefler Text   arrow Mercury Text
Condensed Faces
From $99

4 styles

  From $199

Verlag Compressed
10 styles

  From $299

Gotham Condensed
18 styles Save $69!

Tungsten   Verlag Compressed   Gotham Condensed
arrow Tungsten   arrow Verlag Compressed   arrow Gotham Condensed
November Bookmarks  
  rounded top

arrow New! Tungsten, a compact and sporty sans serif

arrow What people are Making With H&FJ

arrow The Proteus Project: New fonts in OpenType

arrow On the blog: keyword Signage

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