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Sentinel with Tungsten and Verlag

Is there a way to know what fonts will work together? Building a palette is an intuitive process, but expanding a typographic duet to three, four, or even five voices can be daunting. Here are four tips for navigating the typographic ocean, all built around H&FJ's Highly Scientific First Principle of Combining Fonts: keep one thing consistent, and let one thing vary.

It's the interplay between fonts that gives them energy. The more distant the moods in a typographic palette, the friskier the design will be. Here, three fonts with distinctive silhouettes have been chosen for their contrasting dispositions: the unabashed toughness of Tungsten is a foil for both Archer's sweetness, and the cheekiness of Gotham Rounded.
Tungsten   Gotham Rounded   Archer
Tungsten   Gotham Rounded   Archer
Tungsten from $99   Gotham Rounded fr. $179   Archer from $149
Three type families with nineteenth century roots, thrown together in a cheerful typographic riot. Choosing type families with different features helps prevent redundancy: here, the brawny variations of The Proteus Project are reserved for headings, Sentinel's six weights of romans and italics recommend it to text, and Knockout's nine different widths helps the sans serif fill in the cracks.
The Proteus Project   Knockout   Sentinel
The Proteus Project   Knockout   Sentinel
Proteus Project from $99   Knockout from $169   Sentinel from $199
What do a neoclassical modern, a suave sans serif, and a sporty slab have in common? All are meditations on precision, though each has a different texture. H&FJ Didot achieves its crispness through the thinnest possible serifs, Verlag through its insistently geometric motifs, and our new Vitesse typeface through its pairing of machined edges and racy curves. Together, these three mechanical faces create a dramatic typographical tension.
H&FJ Didot   Verlag   Vitesse
H&FJ Didot   Verlag   Vitesse
H&FJ Didot from $299   Verlag from $199   Vitesse from $199
A clever way to combine typefaces with similar proportions is to assign each a different purpose, and to limit each to a specific range of sizes. Here, two hard-working typefaces are assigned supporting roles: the seriffed Mercury serves for text, and the sans serif Gotham furnishes all the annotations. The star of the show is the sophisticated Hoefler Titling, which preserves its spotlight by appearing only occasionally, and always in large sizes.
Mercury Text   Hoefler Titling   Gotham
Mercury Text   Hoefler Titling   Gotham
Mercury Text from $199   Hoefler Titling from $199   Gotham from $169


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