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The New Tungstens in 32 Styles

The signature alphabet of Lever House, one of New York’s most significant architectural milestones, becomes a family of clear and colorful display fonts.


Rooted in the lettering on New York’s Lever House, the spare and manifest geometry of the Landmark typeface is High Modernism at its finest. Its high- and low-waisted forms are shaped with clarity in mind, which together with its policy of modulated widths creates a typeface that’s welcoming and rewarding to read, even in extended settings.

Landmark Regular


Steep sides supporting an unmistakable top provide Landmark Dimensional with elevation in the most literal sense. Its combination of thick, thin, and white strokes give the typeface a vibrant color, a bright and cheerful disposition that ranges from quietly optimistic to downright celebratory.

Landmark Dimensional


Tension between light and dark brings the Landmark Inline typeface to life, its assertive highlights evoking the bright vertical spandrels that line Lever House’s dark glass exterior. The typeface is highly responsive to letterspacing: tight tracking gives it a boisterous neon hum, and open tracking lends it a majestic, imperial air.

Landmark Inline


Landmark Shadow was inspired by the raised lettering on the building’s Park Avenue facade, whose distinct contours and shaded sides convey enough clarity to ensure readability at a distance. Landmark Shadow is quieter than most decorated typefaces, performing unexpectedly well at small sizes.

Landmark Shadow

Selections for Spring

Fourteen styles for the new year, each with a distinct and refreshingly different voice.

Tungsten Narrow Black

Vitesse Thin

Ideal Sans Black Small Caps

Tungsten Compressed Light

Archer Bold Small Caps

Forza Book

Idlewild Light

Gotham Extra Narrow Book

Ideal Sans Extra Light Italic

Ideal Sans Light Small Caps

Requiem Display Roman Small Caps

Forza Medium

Tungsten Medium

Chronicle Text G1 Roman Small Caps


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